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Chase Agri-Credit

Your service after the sale

Welcome to Chase Agri-Credit

We are proud to serve as your partners in business, providing tools that serve your needs, as well as your customers. That relationship is what drives our success.


Industries We Serve

Farm Implements

Serving the dealerships of America for almost 30 years


Keep your carriers paid and cash flow strong!

Oil and Gas

Don't wait for payments to come in: utilize our service for peace of mind.

Small/Medium Sized Businesses

Customer Service expertise and quick funding works for any business with receivables on the books!


All the Tools You Need to Succeed

Reduce the strain on your time and overhead by outsourcing your accounts receivables servicing with us, allowing our team of experts to service your receivables in a way that ensures both cash flow and customer retention. Contact us today, or click "Get Started" to send us your information and we'll get in touch with you!

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