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The faces in the community, here to serve you.

Our Goal

To utilize our skills and resources to have a lasting positive impact on communities by creating opportunity and providing strength to businesses and their families through both excellent and abundant service.

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Established in 1995

Chase Agri-Credit was originally started as a potential solution for banks during the Oil Crisis of the 80's. As the price of oil plummeted there was a spike in defaults, pushing many banks to the brink. The Rice County State Bank (later Bank Chase, and currently First Bank) attempted to make use of credit systems to help combat the issues at hand, ultimately resorting to creating a system of their own. At this point it was simply a credit division of Bank Chase. Vern Boese, Executive Vice President of Bank Chase at the time, oversaw the development of the program and steered the program away from loans and into the purchasing of receivables. Eventually, the Bank Chase credit program grew to such a point that it needed to split away from the bank, and thus Chase Agri-Credit System, Inc. was born. Vern Boese and the then-Owner of Bank Chase, Dale Weller, sold Bank Chase to First Bank and utilized the income from that last month to fund the beginnings of Chase Agri-Credit. Chase Agri-Credit System, Inc. rapidly grew at that point to service hundreds of companies across the United States, and continues to have a positive impact on communities by bringing expert account receivable servicing and funding to dealerships and farmers to this day.

Our Team

Vern Boese

Patrick Hubbard


Jennifer Kizzar

Data Entry Supervisor

Paula Swenson

Statement Department Supervisor

Kim Goodrich

Credit Manager

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